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That Magical Party members are available to change lives at your school!

“ Because Magic Prince says no and to ask for help!” came the answer from K2 student Samuel L (name has been changed to protect his identity) when he was asked how he escaped from the deceptive tactics of an attempted molest case.

Just a few days after a magical presentation of the Magic Prince’s “Magical Say No” show, Samuel was left at the void deck of his home with the family maid as mum went across the street to pick up groceries. Having met up with some friends, the maid has forgotten about Samuel temporarily, leaving him wandering to a corner where he was approached by a man notoriously known in the neighborhood for having previously tricked and taken advantage of children, especially boys, on several occasions. Samuel was lured into ‘playing video games’ at a corner. He hesitated but eventually remembered the lesson he was taught at assembly, shouted “NO!” and ran away to inform the adults.

Samuel was just one of the lucky children who had put into practice a lesson he had learnt in school that saved his life.

 A magical message relayed forth can truly and effectively reduce the likelihood of such modern dangers.


The Magical Say No show is aimed primarily at increasing awareness amongst young children to the imminent dangers presented by strangers such as the lure of gifts, drugs and smoking. This information—innocently packaged into the form of a magic trick or show—may be more valuable to them than anything else they learn during the entire school year.

Students are taught ways to fend and think for themselves with a core emphasis on four primary techniques, namely:

  1. NO
  2. GO
  3. TELL
  4. YELL

During show time, The Magic Prince weaves an important message with magic and puppets in which he :

  1. teaches children that there are situations in which they should say no
  2. tells them they have the right to say no
  3. explains exactly  how to say no
  4. and illustrates by magic, in a non-threatening way, what might happen if they don’t say no

Each 30 minute program teaches important motivational messages and character-building concepts using hilarious comedy, , puppetry, role-playing, storytelling and audience participation.

Your students will learn  while they laugh, your department will appreciate thesolid educational values and you will be a HERO because you thought of it! Parents will love you for it and your school reputation will soar!

Please contact Danny direct at for more info on booking procedures.

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