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For promotional events and festive occasions in departmental stores, retail outlets or shopping centres, TMP’s Magical Concerts and performers are renowned for their specialty in creating fanfare through arousing increased public interest and awareness on-site. Their expertise has been confirmed by countless special appearances at store-wide promotions and launches across the nation. Professionals at crowd-building and the creation of colorful spectacles, the TMP team provides the extra boost for increased sales by relaying specific product applications through strong and highly entertaining magic.

If you would like to insure the success of your next storewide promotion, product launch, or simply just to have unique entertainment for children on special occasions where parents can be free to shop, drop us an email at

Check out a few case studies here:

Robinsons Department Store (New level and department)

On three different occasions, namely Easter, the September school holidays as well as Christmas, the TMP team was reined in to create specialized entertainment for the newly launched children’s department at the top floor. Through customization, our team proceeds to develop Magical Concert segments which play up the appropriate messages and mood intended. For example, the magical production of a bunny was tied up with Easter while performers magically whipped up a live ‘snowstorm’  during Christmas celebrations. Mac, the TMP spokesdragon was also brought in on special days to deliver messages related to specific products or simply to cater to the huge holiday crowd due to the puppet’s sheer size and popularity amongst children.

customized robinson-2 customized robinson-3  customized robinson-1

Munchy Donuts (New branch opening)

TEAM MAGIC PRINCE was chosen to customize a show for the opening festivities of a Munchy Donut outlet. The Magic Prince played up the theme as he transformed a donut into a live rabbit, followed by producing multiple donuts from an empty carton to be given away to a rapidly growing curious crowd. A special song was customized for Mac, the company  spokesdragon, which he sang and tickled the audiences’ funny bones, at the same time delivering a subtle commercial message.

 customized moochy 1  customized moochy 2 customized moochy 3

CK Tangs (Kids Department)

In keeping up with a pro-family company policy, the departmental store roped in TEAM NIQUEY to design a Magical Concert for the June holidays special where parents could shop with the freedom of knowing that their children were enjoying themselves under good hands. Niquey selects music related to various popular toys and cartoons, subtly raising the likelihood of sales and purchases after show hours. He also creates a segment involving branded kids’ clothing and dishes out a customized version of his signature routine Soft as Silk.

customized cktang 2 coustomized cktang 1  costomized cktang 3 

100.3FM (Special events night)

Tasked with the creation of a magic-centric stage act, Danny and team train both DJs Luo Ke Min and Jiang Jianwen in performing a highly visual and electrifying stage act. In lieu of the radio celebrities’ heavy schedule, Danny and team came up with materials which were mastered under an unbelievable 6 hours or so, spread over two days! Audiences were brought to their knees with the magic acts, especially on realizing they were mastered within an incredibly short time.

customized 1003-1 customized 1003-2 customized 1003-3


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